SPRING AQUA spring water

SPRING AQUA spring water is a fresh and unique element of the natural earth in its purest form as it has been since the beginning of time – a mundo condito. Still spring water drawn from Finland Ostrobotnia organic land. Feel full of the Joy with refreshing spring water that’s as pure as can be.

SPRING AQUA spring water is suitable for everyone, every day and every moment. It does not contain any allergenic ingredients or anything that is harmful for your health – just the freshness of pure nature.

Finland natural pure spring water is TOP 1

Finland natural pure spring water is TOP 1 in the world, simply cleanest drinking water in the earth, regarding UNESCO research report. Second is Canada, third New Zealand.

Enjoy healthy water, give wellness for your body and soul. “where is your heart there is your home“, thus keep in mind to take care everyday of your internal home, nourish it rightly, provide all daily vitamins, strengthening your immunity system receptors.

“Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it … becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend.” – Bruce Lee



VELLAMO-Ice-Age-mineral-waterVellamo – Only Finnish natural mineral water from the last Ice Age

Vellamo is the only Finnish natural mineral water from the last Ice Age, ca. 5000–8000 years B.C. It is completely pure and unique in taste, containing absolutely no environmental pollution. According to UNESCO’s global water study among 122 countries, Finland has the cleanest and purest water on Earth. And Vellamo is the purest water in Finland. These findings were supported in an independent study by the World Water Council.

In today’s world, where quality water resources are scarce, Vellamo is a remarkable find. In the early 1990s an artesian well was planned for the Viikinäinen holiday village, which is situated on the shores of Ala-Rääveli Lake. By a stroke of luck, the well was bored at the site, which stood above the underground reservoir.

The underground reservoir of Vellamo water is one-of-a-kind

Ten thousand years ago, the Veiksel Ice Age was receding back over Finland. Pristine water from mile-high mountains of melting ice began gushing back into the ocean and thundering into what is now the Baltic Sea Basin. Some of the water began filling an almost 20 mile long canyon near what is now the town of Heinola. Over several thousand years, the canyon filled completely with water and a mix of mineral rock. An impenetrable layer of rock formed over the reservoir, sealing it off from the atmosphere.

Today Vellamo water is pumped from the depth of approximately 300 feet. Because of the unusually long exposure to the minerals, Vellamo enjoys an unparalleled mineral content. Coupled with the extreme purity of the Ice Age waters, the deposit is unique. Furthermore, for over 5,000 years the water has sat completely untouched by man, machine, impurities in the air, and other environmental contaminants. You might even say it has ripened in peace.

Thus, it is no surprise that the water has been named after the ancient Finnish Goddess of the Sea.



Lumo – Clean water from the clean nature of Finland


Clean water from the clean nature of Finland. Lumo is pure water directly from the heart of the Salpausselkä ridge. It’s an authentic natural product ,with a taste of the freshness from the land of a thousand lakes, the dewdrops from bright summer nights and the snowflakes crystallized by frost-a pure enjoyment from the clean Finnish nature.

Lumo is a high-quality bottled water which has undergone detailed analysis and quality control.It contains no additives.It’s served from a glass bottle, to ensure pure taste.It complements even the most demanding servings and enhances the wonderful flavors and aromas in every meal. Best served chilled.

Lumo originates directly from the Finnish nature the Salpausselkä ridges are ground water areas where water travels the ground water through gravel layers,making the water pure and crystal clear. Lumo is made my Mother nature itself. It’s the pure taste of nature Salpausselkä. Detailed analysis keeps the quality of Lumo water high and even.

Well-being from water

Pure water is the best drink when you’re thirsty and in addition,it’s a good drink alternative for all kinds of servings.Water is healthy and it’s also an essential element for all human beings.It carries out the vital functions in our bodies our bodies and creates a basis for our well-being. An adequate intake of water for an average-seized, normally adult is roughly 1-1.5lites per day, part of this amount comes from solid food.

A refined beverage

Lumo water is excellent to be served during meals and a good compliment to other drinks. Lumo water goes well with all dishes,and can be served during the whole meal. Its freshness enhances the aromas and magnificent flavors in all food. It goes particularly well with spicy food.

A gourmet meal requires gourmet water. Why not place LUMO water on your table ? Let’s have feast.