FINNFOR International Trading Company

Welcome to a world smaller and more delicious than you ever imagined. Where meets Nordic countries natural pure foodstuff such spring water, high class Caviar, chocolate, salmon fish and many others with Phillippines tropical dried fruits, brown sugar and coconut sugar, that originated thousands of miles away are as close as your pantry.

At Finnfor International Trading Company, we combine a passion for the world’s most authentic and delectable foods with a belief in the power of locally based trade to promote global harmony. The result is simply sensational.

The unique, naturally sweet tropical dried fruits and organic sugar products imported by FINNFOR are kissed by the Philippine sun – making them the best tasting fruit products in EU-area. Try them and you will give your taste-buds the treat of a lifetime!

Welcome to FINNFOR International Trading Company, exporter of healthy Nordic food products and importer of sensational organic tropical dried fruits. From spectacular flavors to exceptional quality, you’ll taste pride and tradition in every bite of the world’s tastiest tropical dried fruits ever. That’s because we do business with Philippine people who are eager to share their natural gifts with the world.